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Streaming is the future of film distribution and  FLIXWEST is on the forefront of streaming technology. We have chosen the SVOD (subscription video on demand) model because it allows subscribers to view our films without commercial interruptions. Nothing ruins a film more than a commercial sandwiched in between scenes of your film.

FLIXWEST is currently looking for films to stream. If you are a producer and you have a film to stream, please contact us. We consider all genres, feature length and shorts.

If selected (we don’t stream all of the films that are offered) filmmakers who stream their films on FLIXWEST can make profits in two distinct ways.

FLIXWEST was created by long time Independent Hollywood producers who still retain deep roots to the Los Angeles film community. These filmmakers who created FLIXWEST have developed or produced shows for all of the major Hollywood studios (Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney), and have worked with a long list of creatives. They know their way around distribution.

Join us. Let FLIXWEST help to tell your story.